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Magical Penny Dreadful delivered to your home every month. 

  • $5 an Issue

  • Free Shipping (US only, Int. will be billed additional shipping)

  • Every Month delivered to your door.

  • Each Issue includes a spell, a headline, a kitchen witch recipe, monthly horoscopes, thoughts and musings, advice column, journaling prompt, and a monthly penny dreadful serial. 

For swell magical folk

Only the elusive and exclusive witches, eminent in their communities and ever attuned to the murmurs of the world, are privy to The Grimoire Society's monthly missive. Not for the frivolous, obtuse, or inattentive, our serial caters to the crème de la crème of witching society, imparting knowledge, amusement, and the art of conjuration at every twist of the moon. Safely ensconce within your witch's cabinet, nestled beside the eye of newt and the elixir of youth, or consider presenting a subscription to the fledgling witch, new to the neighborhood with a yearning for the enchanting camaraderie of the witching world.

The award-winning (or so we've heard) and highly-critiqued (by our cat) Witch door-step serial. 

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